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When AURED first started, it was a 'mission with a struggle'.  Auditory Verbal Therapy was not well known and had not been put into practice in India. There were many who were skeptical.
The only support we had was of the parents of 6 profoundly deaf children who were willing to 'experiment' with this exciting new concept of 'LISTEN AND SPEAK'. The extent of their faith was well worth it. Today, these 20 year olds are able to communicate through spoken language, appreciate music, mix with hearing peers, are integrated members of society, and amazingly, are also bi-lingual.
 AURED, Mumbai 
This is the result of developing excellent listening skill, more than a decade before cochlear implants came into India. The success we had with Rohit, Gulnaz, Nikhil, Mary, Zahra & Vernon laid the foundation of AURED.
Since 1986, AURED has worked with hundreds of children, not only from Mumbai, but from several other cities in India and other countries as well.
Beginning with 6 children, today, we have over 575 beneficiaries enrolled with us, at our present premises, in the King George Vth Memorial, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. 135 of these children have been enrolled are below 3 years and so have had the benefit of early intervention.
AURED is situated at a 'barrack' at Anand Niketan, King George Vth Memorial Trust, Bombay.
575 children
Below 3 yrs : 141
Children between 3-6 yrs: 214
Children with late intervention: (Above 6 yrs) - 220

Among the 575 children with Hearing Impairment 40 % have additional problems.
The AURED Charitable Trust (1991) was formed to support AURED.
Trustees :
Aziza Tyabji Hydari
Kumud Misra
Sheila Naharwar
Rajni Khatau
MNM Cama
Benvimitta Lam
Address :
9 Garden Homes, 1st Road, Khar (W), Mumbai - 400 052, India
91.22.2604 8798 / 91.22.2600 0146
Legal Status :
Charitable Trust
Registration Number: E13546/BOM
Date of Registration: 15.10.91
FCRA Registration :
Income Tax Registration :
Exemption under Sec. 80 G
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It is the right of every human being, to have the option to communicate through spoken language, and we are committed to making this opportunity available.