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AURED's Achievements
Student Strength: 575 as of July 2011
Children come to AURED Mumbai for therapy and audiological management from 88 cities, towns and villages from across the country and from 15 neighbouring countries as well

2004- 159 students
2005- 207 students
2006- 242 students
2007- 367 students
2008- 393 students
2009 - 516 students
2010 - 526 students
Student strength as of July 2011 : 575

Children below 3 years of age : 141
Children between the ages of 3yrs-6yrs : 214
Children who have had late interventions-Above 6 yrs : 220
Among the 526 students - Children with additional challenges : 175

Total number of students:
AURED Mumbai : 434
AURED Delhi- ' Listen & Speak' : 51
AURED - Hyderabad : 78
AURED - Kenya : 12
AURED -(Mumbai) Established in 1986
AURED Hyderabad-Established in 2004
AURED Delhi -'Listen & Speak' Established in 2007
AURED Nairobi - Established in 2008
Integration of children into the mainstream.
AURED was selected as 'NGO of the Month' (Mar-2007) by the Institut International des droits de l'enfant (IDE) which is the International Institute for the Rights of the Child, in Switzerland
'The Aziza Grid' has been researched and developed over a period of 6 years by Aziza, Director AURED. It is a tool to aid Audiological Management and Habilitation of children who have received Cochlear Implants. Trials have been carried out at AURED, on a 100 children with Cochlear Implants, as well as globally. Data collection and input from India, Audiologists - Rajesh Patadia and Fatema Jagmag and the AURED Staff. Besides India, data collection and input from highly experienced international professionals - Judy Simser - AVT Cert. - Canada, Tina Olmstead - Audiologist - AVT Cert. - Canada, Jill Bader- Consultant - Denver, Allison Biever - Audiologist - Denver, Alan Kelly - AVT Cert. - Australia and Dzemal Gazibegovic - Audiologist - Europe enabled the fine tuning it required.
The Aziza Grid has a US copyright. The grid has been recognized Internationally and has been included in a training program 'Need To Know', developed by Jill Bader, Denver-USA. 'Need To Know' is being distributed by AG Bell. It has a wealth of information and is especially useful for those setting up new Cochlear Implant management centres.
Limited copies of 'Need To Know' are available at AURED or can be ordered through AG Bell.
International Affiliate of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
AURED's Achievements
Certificate Of Recognition from World Bank.
AURED's Achievements
AURED's Achievements
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It is the right of every human being, to have the option to communicate through spoken language, and we are committed to making this opportunity available.