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Auditory Habilitation at AURED
Principles of the Auditory Approach
  1. Early detection and intervention to make maximum use of the critical windows of development.
    Auditory Habilitation at AURED
  2. Selection of suitable amplification - hearing aids / Cochlear Implant - to maximize listening skills.
  3. Parent participation - Empower parents to become the primary facilitators of their child's listening and spoken language.
  4. Guiding parents to help their child integrate listening and spoken language into all aspects of the child's life.
  5. Providing an 'Auditory Environment' - Create environments that support listening for the acquisition of spoken language throughout the child's daily activities. Structured and incidental teaching is required for learning to listen.
  6. One to one therapy
    Auditory Habilitation at AURED
  7. Administering on-going formal and informal diagnostic assessments to monitor progress and to develop individualized habilitation programmes for the child and family. The approach should be diagnostic.
  8. Integration - Confidence building in the child to attend regular school with her/his hearing peers and become a contributing and participating member of society.
  9. Listening skills should be developed without the use of Sign Language or emphasis on lip-reading.
  10. Team work between parent, habilitationist, audiologist, teacher and child.
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It is the right of every human being, to have the option to communicate through spoken language, and we are committed to making this opportunity available.