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Disability Reduction at AURED
New technology has revolutionized possibilities in the education and integration of the hearing impaired. No longer do we have to be content with a child mumbling words like 'mama' and 'papa' in combination with desperate gestures, or signs, attempting to communicate his thoughts to the world. Hearing impaired children can now learn to LISTEN and therefore are able to SPEAK.
Disability Reduction at AURED
Jehan Daboo - explaining school project to his parents at the Bombay International School
95% of the hearing impaired have some residual hearing, and if identified young, with the help of a pair of good hearing aids or a cochlear implant, the child can develop sufficient auditory skills to enable him to 'hear' and communicate through spoken language.
To achieve this, the child, its parents, the audiologist and the therapist have to work as a close knit team. The therapy is known as the Auditory Approach, which empowers parents to be the primary caretakers and the progress of the child is largely dependent on the extent of parent involvement.
The staff of AURED has been very privileged in having learned this method of therapy under world-renowned specialists and our endeavor to learn more continues even today. We conduct staff development workshops every year and occasionally are able to invite specialists in the field of Auditory Verbal Therapy from different corners of the world, to provide us with technological updates and new strategies. Some of us travel to other countries to attend workshops and conventions, and the new knowledge gained, is then brought back to share with the staff and parents.
Disability Reduction at AURED
Nikhil Sai - a past student of AURED, works in a bank in Canada.  He is also continuing with his Post Grad. studies.
Our endeavor is to reduce disability by sharing our knowledge and experience with professionals across the country; enlightening the public by having awareness programmes; by making special awareness presentations to Pediatricians and GPs. We need the cooperation and understanding of our public institutes i.e. schools, colleges and business houses, to give our hearing impaired children equal opportunities to become integrated, participating and contributing members of society. The word 'disabled' should no longer be applicable to those who have developed skills in listening and speaking and are an integral part of the hearing world.
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It is the right of every human being, to have the option to communicate through spoken language, and we are committed to making this opportunity available.