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Facilities at AURED
  • AURED provides Habilitation to children with Hearing Impairment through the Auditory Approach. Habilitation to children with Hearing Impairment through the Auditory Approach.
  • Early Intervention - 0 - 3 years.
  • Audiological Management.
  • VRA (Visual Reinforced Audiometry - Freefield) which is frequency specific. This apparatus has been developed by Aziza Tyabji Hydari, Director AURED
    Facilities at AURED
    VRA being conducted on a child who is using a
    BAHA hearing instrument
  • Hearing Aid Bank
  • Loan facility for Cochlear Implants.
  • Mobile Testing Unit to test preschool and school children.
  • Hearing Aid trials and selection.
  • Audiograms & Mapping for Cochlear Implant Recipients and Hearing Aid users.
    Facilities at AURED
    Facilities at AURED
    Fatema Jagmag mapping a child with a
    Cochlear Implant
      Rajesh Patadia mapping a child with a
    Cochlear Implant
  • Free medical advice & or attention from the panel of honorary doctors.
  • Distance learning via e-mail.
  • AURED has a well-stocked library with the latest books on the Auditory Verbal Approach, as well as audio and video cassettes which are regularly updated. This enables teachers and parents to update their knowledge on new technology and on the amazing possibilities now available in this field.
  • Teaching aids and books developed by AURED, are made available and can be used by all parents and therapists irrespective of what language the child is taught in. These aids follow the development stages of the Auditory Approach.
  • A CCTV system for central monitoring of therapy sessions, to enable visitors, parents, therapists to view sessions without disturbing the child.
    AURED, Mumbai
    Aziza Tyabji Hydari, Director AURED, monitoring therapy
  • Resource Centre: A number of graduate and post graduate students from the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped are provided the facility to collect data from student records at AURED, and are also able to conduct Speech, Language and Audiological tests on the students, which facilitates their data collection.
  • AURED conducts Workshops for Professionals. The purpose of these workshops is to introduce the Auditory Approach and Cochlear Implant management to professionals. who are working with hearing impaired children.
  • Developing CD Roms for teaching, keeping within the parameters of the Auditory Approach in keeping with the different stages of auditory development in individual children. A pilot project was done to determine the practicality of developing CD Roms as a tool for teaching. Based on the findings, a platform has been outlined for a series of CD Roms, known as 'Teach Your Own Child Series'. The first of these is already available to therapists, teachers and parents. Each CD has structured lessons for developing listening skills, through illustrations and animations. This package will be of great assistance to outstation children who cannot attend regular bi-weekly sessions. These CDs can aid therapy in any language as these are 'silent' CDs.

CDs on sale, available at AURED.
AURED, Mumbai
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