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AURED's Philosophy
AURED was founded in 1986. Its aim is to habilitate children with hearing impairment and integrate them into mainstream schools. The specific method used is known as the Auditory Approach. Contrary to general belief, 95% of the children with hearing impairment have residual hearing, and with early detection and intervention, they can learn to 'LISTEN AND SPEAK'.
AURED's Philosophy

Over the past 24 years, AURED has provided support to more than a thousand children with hearing impairment. The Centre started in a modified kitchen with 6 children. It was later shifted to the back room of an apartment, and then to a 180 sq ft garage. Today, we have 526 beneficiaries enrolled with us, at our present premises, in the King George Vth Memorial, Mahalaxmi, Bombay. More than 120 of these children have been enrolled between the ages of 3 months, to 3 years, and so have had the benefit of early intervention.

Children take part in one-on-one teaching sessions. Therapy is conducted in 4 major languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. Parents, are the primary caregivers, and are required to participate in teaching sessions to enable them to learn how to use the Auditory Approach in their homes. No sign language or lip reading is used.

The Focus of the Organization
To integrate children with hearing impairment to become independent, participating, contributing citizens in mainstream society. This is done using an Auditory Approach. This approach enables a child to 'LISTEN AND SPEAK' by making use of every bit of residual hearing.
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It is the right of every human being, to have the option to communicate through spoken language, and we are committed to making this opportunity available.