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Mobile Van
Present statistics show that, on an average, 30 out of every 1000 school going children have hearing problems, which may be temporary or permanent. It is important to detect these problems as early as possible so that immediate intervention can be recommended, in order to prevent further damage.

Children are often labeled 'Slow learners', Dyslexic, Autistic or just lazy, when the reason for substandard performance may just be an undetected hearing loss. It is therefore extremely important to detect these problems as early as possible, to enable immediate intervention, preventing further damage. There is an urgent need, therefore, to conduct audiological tests on pre-school and school going children in and around the city of Bombay.

A new Project has been initiated by AURED, which will help with early detection and intervention of hearing disability in children. Once diagnosed, parents will be suitably advised, and so reduce any further damage that could occur if left undetected.

Screening will be carried out in a sound proof van for accurate diagnosis. The van has been fitted with an Audiometer, an Impedance Audiometer, VRA and an OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions & VRA- for testing children below 3yrs), and most important, a noise free atmosphere. Schools, Municipal or private, are extremely noisy, and tests carried out in such an environment, will not be accurate.

We will be using an air-conditioned vehicle donated by Tata Motors which has sound proofed and fitted with necessary equipment for carrying out the required tests.
The mobility provided by the vehicle will also enable our team of qualified professionals, to test children in schools, playgrounds, nurseries, and crèches for labourers and city slums. This facility will be free of charge to underprivileged children.
Projects on the Anvil
An Early Detection and Intervention Centre. To set up an early detection and intervention centre for very young babies. We would like to reach out to as many children as possible on a free or subsidized basis. For this we require equipment that will cost almost INR 20,00,000 (USD 43480*) and space.  Click Here for Additional Information
To set up affiliate centres in other cities.  60% of our students come from out of Bombay. By conducting workshops for professionals, we have been able to identify people who are willing to work in centres set up by AURED in the cities they live in. At present over 3000 children are receiving therapy in the Auditory Approach because of the workshops conducted at AURED. Our aim is to reduce disability and by setting up affiliate centres, thousands of children will have the opportunity to develop their skills in listening and speaking, and therefore be an integrated part of society. By setting up affiliate centres the outreach will be tremendous. Click Here for Additional Information
Outreach to Rural Areas. To take our expertise into rural areas and set up a pilot project in rural Maharashtra. By doing so, AURED will be fulfilling its vision of making services work for the underprivileged.
A Noise Pollution Awareness Campaign with emphasis on the effect of noise on hearing.  A CD is being developed to visually substantiate facts. This will be show in schools, colleges, housing societies and public places.
*USD figures mentioned are approximation only.
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