Listening through Music

Music impacts the Aural-Oral communication and listening skills of children with hearing loss. Learning through music enhances Auditory, Speech and Language Development of children with hearing loss.

Music and through music activities positively impact the entire development of a child. Research has shown the multiple ways in which Music can influence the development of speech and spoken language in children with hearing loss i.e.:

Different tones
Different tones
Music classes are conducted at AURED by trained professionals from the Mehli Mehta Foundation. They have exclusive programmes for young children and provide an excellent quality of music education. They have tailor-made programmes to meet with our requirements.
This is done as a group activity. Once again due to the pandemic, this group activity had to be discontinued. Now the AURED music teacher joins the online therapy session for 15 minutes and teaches music to each child individually.

Empowering every deaf child with
the gift of spoken language