Staff Development Workshops


A workshop on ‘Fostering Parent Leadership’ conducted by Joanne Travers at AURED. We invited Audiologists and therapists from other centres across Mumbai, to attend it.
Joanne Travers, founder and director of ‘Partners for a Greater Voice’, leads this innovative program. It is based on her eighteen years of international training and missions, positive psychology study and research, parenting experience, and supports given to parents of diverse backgrounds. She collaborates with service providers, parent leaders, and organizations in hearing health practices to offer training that meets their unique needs.


A workshop on ‘Positive Coaching, Towards Self Determination’ was conducted by Ellen Rhoades at AURED which was attended by Audiologists and therapists from AUREDas well as other centres across Mumbai
Ellen A. Rhoades, EdS, LSLS Cert. AVT, is an international consultant, mentor, and speaker who has established and directed several Auditory-Verbal centers and programs. She was a Founding Director of Auditory-Verbal International and served on AG Bell Association’s Board of Directors.Since the mid-1970s, Ellen founded and directed several auditory-verbal centers and programs.

Doodling Workshop

2018 – A Workshop on ‘doodling’ was conducted at AURED and was enjoyed thoroughly by the entire staff. These skills will help to illustrate concepts, and build the imagination of the child during therapy sessions.

Benefits And Concessions Workshop

2019 – A workshop on ‘Benefits & Concessions available for the Hearing Impaired Children’ was conducted for the parents and staff of AURED by V Connect – an organization in support of parents of HI children.

Self Defense Workshop

2019 – A workshop in ‘self defence’ was conducted by Mr. Ganesh Padyachi of Siddha Academy for mothers of our students and for the staff of AURED.

IHF Hinduja Cochlear Implant Update Workshops


Dr. Kirtane and his team conducted the 12th annual Cochlear Implant Update Workshop at Jadhavgarh. It was a 3 day programme and was attended by 3 therapists from AURED (Sweta Jhaveri, Vaijayanti Padte and Vahishtai Daboo) and 2 audiologists (Fatema Jagmag and Rajesh Patadia). Vahishtai Daboo made a presentation at the workshop and also moderated a panel discussion.


The 13th Annual Cochlear Implant Update Workshop at Alibaug. It was a 3 day programme and was attended by 2 therapists from AURED (Vaijayanti Padte and Dildar Dalvi) and 1 audiologist (Rajesh Patadia). The therapists made a presentation on Socio-cultural Development of Children through activities at AURED. Rajesh Patadia also one of the organisers of this Workshop gave a talk on Data Logging.


The 14th Annual Cochlear Implant Update Workshop was held at Lonavla. It was a 3-day programme and was attended by 3 therapists (Vaijayanti Padte, Neera Lalwani and Savita Sakpal) and 2 audiologists (Fatema Jagmag and Rajesh Patadia). Fatema through V Connect made a presentation on ‘ Empowering Parents Through Support Groups’. Rajesh Patadia, one of the organisers of the workshop, gave a talk on ‘ Expanding Candidacy’


This year, due to the global pandemic, COVID 19, the Annual Cochlear Implant Update Workshop wasa ‘virtual’ conference. All the therapists attended it.

Workshops By Ali Yavar Jung Institute For The Hearing Handicapped


A 5 day International training programme for professionals, on Auditory Verbal Therapy. This was conducted by Dimity Dornan, founder of ‘Hear and Say’ centre in Brisbane.
Dimity Dornan is a speech pathologist, author, and businesswoman in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She has been attributed for her ground-breaking auditory verbal work which has assisted families and hearing-impaired children throughout Queensland. Dimity is the founder of the Hear and Say Centre for Deaf Children. This centre is now a global Hearing Health Education and Development Program with six centres across Queensland, including a telepractice for remote regions of Queensland. Dimity helped initiate newborn hearing screening in Queensland hospitals, the first such program in Australia.
Dimity is the founder of Bionics Queensland (BioniQ) which was established to promote the development of the human bionic industry in Queensland. She is also the founder of Human Bionics Interface, which an international network of bionics researchers, clinicians, businesses that share projects to delivery bionics solutions. She is also the recipient of several awards.
July – 1 day ‘Orientation Program on use of Modern Technology in Assessment and Management of Speech Disorders.’
December – A 3 day training program on Auditory Verbal Therapy for ‘Strengthening the Rehabilitation of Children with Cochlear Implants’.

Workshops By Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly, a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist helped pioneer Auditory Verbal Therapy in Australia after completing his Master’s Degree at McGill University (Montreal) under the mentorship of Professor Daniel Ling and Dr Elizabeth Cole among others. He introduced AVT to India and mentored our Director over a period of 7 consecutive years during his visits to India (1985-1991). AURED was established in 1986 as the first AVT centre in the country. Over the years Alan Kelly has visited AURED several times and conducted staff development training programmes for all the therapists and audiologists of AURED.



September to October 2002
Auditory Verbal Therapy for Infants and Children with Hearing Impairment
7th to 22nd January 2013
Developing Language for children over 3 years: A Developmental Programme for the Mastery of English Syntax & Strategies for Speech Development and Correction
14th to 29th November 2016

Foundation of Spoken Language for Children with Hearing

  • Impairment
  • Crucial Basis of the Ling System
  • Acoustics of Spoken Language
  • Speech Prosody
  • Development of Vowels & Diphthongs
  • Development of Consonants & Blends
13th to 28th November 2017
Essential Principles and Strategies for the Development of Spoken Language through Listening for Children under 3 years
18th February to 6th March 2019
Monitoring and Individual Guidance of Teachers for:
  • Essential Elements of parent-focused Auditory Verbal Sessions
  • Speech Development and Remediation (Ling)

Vibha Pragati Conferences

VIBHA, USA, has been supporting AURED for its Mobile Screening Project for the past several years. Bi-annual conferences are held by them in different cities on select topics to empower NGOs that they support, and to encourage sharing of experiences amongst their partners which has been a source of learning for all.



2nd to 4th Oct 2009
NGO: Hiring, training and retaining staff
  • Mission and Vision for deeper impact
  • Effective use of Information Technology
  • Avoiding financial crisis
  • How to leverage government
  • Communication with stakeholders
1st to 3rd Oct 2011

Connect, Share & Leverage
Social Metrics
Volunteer Recruitment & Management

4th to 6th Oct 2013
Corporate Social Responsibility
1st to 3rd Oct 2015

Impact Assessment
Outcome Assessment

7th to 9th Oct 2017

Stimulate creative and innovative thinking 
Intense skill building in basics of design thinking, proposal
and budget preparation

28th to 30th Sept 2019

Working in partnership with the government
Theory of Change
Being data-driven

Workshops By Manufacturers Of Cochlear Implants

Manufacturers of cochlear implants, COCHLEAR and ADVANCED BIONICS conduct workshops at regular intervals, to update staff and parents on innovations, upgrades, concessions and troubleshooting of their products. This is of great help to parents in the important role they play in ‘parent advocacy’


‘Readathons’ are fundraising events that encourage children to read.They have been initiated and organised by Tanisha Jhaveri, a volunteer at AURED. Through these readathons Tanisha and her team of volunteers collect donations which are used for the underpriviliged children of AURED. All the current students, ex- students, parents, children from other schools, and the AURED staff participate in the Readathons.



Tanisha’s team organised 2 readathons. In the first readathon various NGOs were invited and AURED received more than 200 participants. In the second, therapists organised a story- telling session for the children.
In 2020, due to the global pandemic, COVID 19, online readathons were organized via Zoom meetings. Over a period of 2 weeks, three zoom meetings were organized, each in English, Hindi and Marathi. As it was online, AURED students and parents from all over India could participate in it. Individual children screen shared and read out stories. Some enacted short skits and dramatized stories with the help of their parents.It was a wonderful learning experience for all and also helped the children gain a lot of confidence. It was a huge success and the children enjoyed themselves immensely! The money raised through this readathon was used to buy tablets forsome of our underprivileged students. It is essential for each child to possess a device with which ‘one to one’ therapy can be conducted on an on-going basis.


Online Therapy - Telepractice

Online therapy was initiated in Apr 2020, due to the COVID 19 lockdown. It was challenging but the therapists rose to the occasion with flying colours, as always. We realised that due to the poor economic background of most of our students, this mode of therapy was difficult as they did not possess even a smart phone. We decided to raise funds through a readathon, to provide underprivileged students with tablets. We were able to buy 20 tablets with the money collected

King George Vth Founder's Day

King George VthMemorial in association with its joint partners celebrated its Founders Day on 11th January 2019. The Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Vidyasagar Rao, the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Shri Subodh Jaiswal and Mr. Mendonsa were the dignitaries present at the function. A day earlier, a few of the young children of AURED planted trees on behalf of the dignitaries to mark their gracious presence at this function. Ex- students of AURED, spoke a few words and as a token of appreciation for attending the function, presented Certificates to the dignitaries on stage.

Diwali Utsav 2019

The Managing Committee of KGVM and the Joint Partners celebrated Diwali Utsav 2019 in the premises of KGVM. 2 AURED students recited poems on the stage. Their diction was as clear as that of a hearing child. The audience was taken by surprise and greatly appreciated this.

Flash Mob Dance

The Rotaract Club of Lala Lajpatrai College organised an 8 day programme called ‘ Astitva Ek Pehchaan 2019’. AURED was invited to participate in it. AURED children, parents and therapists participated in one of the events – Flash Mob Dance held at Mumbai CentralStation. They danced to the song ‘ Boogie Woogie’ and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. They were given Certificates of Participation.

World Hearing Day Celebration

On 3rd March 2020, AURED celebrated World Hearing Day with their students and parents. Everyone enjoyed the fabulous chocolate cake baked by our own ex-student Shawn, who is now a master chef in cakes and pastries and works in Ovenfresh.